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We’re on Youtube!!!!!!

SO….I finally made the plunge and committed to posting one video a week on Youtube.  🙂  Crazy, huh?

I am mostly just going to time lapse drawings until I get requests for what to draw next….

Check out my latest video:  <—- Click the link! Or Check it out Below!


Here is what I drew!  I am really getting into the Hell Boy Series, and I just found out there will be a new Hell Boy next Year.  Are you excited to see the new Hell Boy???


Hell Boy Fan Art
Hell Boy Loves Cats!



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What I’ve Been Up to…..

Finally!!!!  Summer is here!  I have enjoyed my first two weeks off!!!!  I have a two week training for work starting tomorrow, but I am dedicating my summer to my art.

That being said …… check out these pins and earring I am working on!  I am in the process of up loading them to my square store 🙂   I will post a Link in a New Tab.

So cute!