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A Time Lord’s Sketch Book

This week I feel like a Time Lord with so many ideas to sketch for the future, and wanting so badly to go back and work on them, but also work on the sketches I already began.
The good news is that the creative juices are flowing! I just need a TARDIS to keep up with my brain!

Check back for my sketches and art of the week!  FOr some reason I cannot upload my Joker fan art (go figure), so make sure you check it out on my facebook page or instagram and give me a follow!





I’ve been so busy that I’ve finished filling my beautiful sketch book!

I am excited that I actually filled up a #sketchbook because in the past I would just be like…ok, I’m done with you.  My style has definitely evolved and become more consistent over the last 10 years or so.

Here’s my latest book from #Ross and some #artsupplies I am using and getting familiar with. The newest is a #glasspen. Got a cheap one to try out before going into a more pricey one.

And here’s my first two sketches in my new book! Happy Wednesday!

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