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Behind the Scene Booth Planning

Here is a behind the scene look at how we get ready for events and plan our booths.

We decided to take over our living room and play with some ideas.  This will be our first time using wire rack cubes, but we feel this is our best display yet!  I was so happy when my husband finished assembly!  We got to play with all of the ideas and displays we’ve accumulated, and get rid of old ideas, and try some new ones out that will hopefully help our events run smoothly.

On the upper left corner, you will see my new DIY Button display made with chevron fabric I nabbed at the discount section in Walmart!  It is perfect to display the buttons.  I also spent time making categories for all of my art prints because there are so many.  I will share the final organization system when it is complete.

These racks will display our 3D Prints and Art Prints so beautifully when we have everything ready!  Now.  If only my surface Pro Charger would arrive, so I can get going on my latest Print Projects.

On another note, my husband is really amazing when it comes to building things.  We had a moment where we were stumped on how to display canvas paintings because we were not sure how to hang them.  Within a few hours, he came up with an amazing solution, printed and assembled the hangers.  They are not picture above, but be sure to check out his website.  He will hopefully blog about his designs!  I married a genius!  (Ah!  The Sunday Adventures of a married couple. *sigh*)

And look who decided to join us!  We are on speaking terms again….even though I am still waiting for my new charger!  Who can resist that face????  Abigail on the other hand was no where to be seen.

We are so excited for Brandon Comic Con in June! Setting up a mock booth really helps us feel prepared when there are so many things to think of on the day of an event.  Obviously these are not the final products or look, but it looks so Blossom!!!!

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