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An Original Poem by Christine Samad

The vine reaches

Keeping secrets teaches

Me that I should be speechless.

Growing and digging, seems unruly,

Clinging to bark, scratches whisper cruelly,

What is your strength, truly?

If the length is measured,

Will the pain be worth the weather?

Will it reveal truths to be treasured?

The lengths they climbed to get to light. 

The tears you cried nourished at night.

The being you are shines so bright.

The truth bursts forth and holds you tight.

Face the grief and the rage,

Release the beast from the cage,

Nurture the being that is within,

There are reasons to smile again.

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Fall 2020

Nature is at the root of my artwork.  There is a life, vitality and spirit that I want to bring out with color, lines and patterns.  Flowers have many layer and their soft, crisp petals represent what is hidden and sacred.  Yet flowers bear fruit and connect the world around them.  With each layer and detail I create, I hope to spark and inspire, beauty, wonder, hope and creativity.  There is a balance of darkness and light.  An expression of spirit and emotion.

Yet trees have always fascinated me. Their roots run wild under and above ground. There is a life and strength budding from inside of the bark. The warrior spirit of a tree is inspiring to me. They experience life and death and are renewed again with leaves and fruit. The rings inside of their spirit tell their age, but also their story. The way that light reflects off of their leaves bring in new hope, not hope for something new, but hope that something that already exists can continue to be.

Camping this weekend was just what I needed. Can you believe that I have never been camping before!?!? Medard Park has a beautiful landscape and a nice sized camping ground with many amenities. They are so close to home. Early in the year, I made it my mission to get a reliable tent and start building our camping bin. We roasted corn, hot dogs, laughed, painted and played games. There was this particular tree in our campsite that captivated me, so I decided to paint it.

I was really intrigued because we often think of trees as brown, but this tree had a lot of moss growing on it. It was tall and intermingled in to trees and bush all around. Spanish moss hung down. Palm leaves surrounded the ground. Squirrels jumped from branch to branch. There was beauty in all of the shades of browns and greens. I wanted to capture the spirit of the tree. And in the end, I began a new series of paintings.

I was so interested my my new color pallet, that I decided to explore these theories some more, mixing and mingling what I have been gathering with what I was creating.

Personally fall has been marked as a season of shedding dead leaves. I’ve had to reexamine my own life to deal with anxiety and trauma that I never wanted to admit I have. I like to think that if you were to examine the pieces of me, that you would find a warrior spirit inside and around me. I have been through a lot of issues that have effected my motivation and self esteem. But with therapy, and support from my husband, I feel like I am able to share parts of my story. There are sad parts, painful, dark parts. But my hope is that my story and my art can provide hope and light, and understanding to people who need it.

My husband, on the other hand, tried another kind of art…… Ever wonder what would happen if you cook an egg on a campfire without boiling water (for which you brought a pot for, but I digress…).

I guess painting at the park has kind of been my favorite thing this fall.

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MerMay 2020

We are half way through MerMay! I have had alot of fun playing with shading, blending and textures. I have been following JBMerMay Prompts this month. I may have skipped a few….

So far my favorite it the Octopus Alien Mash up. Maybe. I love the Cherry Fan Art of Tess Holliday.

Some of these will be available on Redbubble, so make sure you check out

Thinking of maybe releasing some coloring pages as well! Which is your favorite?

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An artwork and poem inspired by the Virtual Writing Class I am taking with Maria Brophy on Maria is a wonderful instructor and mentor. Thank you for this week’s session. There has been a lot I have been working through on my own, and I am so happy to have a community of writers to talk, write and share with. I feel like I took a BIG deep breath today.


An Original Poem by Christine Samad

Release the feelings that hold you back,

Your fears are unfounded,

All of the things you think you lack,

Are the things that have kept you bounded.

Call upon the Strength inside,

It lives in your true Nature.

The Spirit and Light you carry burn so bright,

Take a deep breath, and don’t wait for

The stars and planets to align,

They are already in your favor.

Let your tears nourish the barren heart,

On which you faithfully and firmly stand,

Though you have been fractured from the start,

You have been strengthened, not eternally damned,

Believe in the things you love. Find hope in the future that you seek.

The visions you are thinking of, have willingly been Released.

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Elements of Harmony

The Elements of Harmony are found in Nature, and that is what I aim to capture in this painting.

Keeping busy and remaining calm in this weird and tragic time is not always easy. But I find that the only time I ever feel truly free from fear and sadness, is when I create. Even when I am creating monstrous things, expressing myself freely, and letting my emotions run their course is a part of that. But this piece is a reminder that the powerful elements of nature also hold a peace, and work together in harmony if only we take a moment to appreciate it. Remaining inspired and connected with people and artists are the world who have a similar goal or have already walked the path is essential. I have been attending Virtual Posca Paint Parties with the very talented artist, Drew Brophy. Finding your circle is really important to remaining connected. And it is important to find positivity and hope. I hope that my art brings you these messages of hope and happiness. Stay strong!

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Renaissance Festival 2020

This year we had a BLAST at Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival at MOSI.

Our Booth set up was magical. We were so excited to share The Pigcowtopus Experience with everyone.

Our art has grown exponentially over the last four months. My style has become more defined and my concepts more concrete. This was our first big event of the year, and we were so happy to meet everyone who came out for a fun weekend.

Check out the full story and photos on Instagram !

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Live on Patreon!

We are now on Patreon!

Patreon offers exclusive content just for Patrons of the Pigcowtopus Project!

As my patron, you will receive access to all of the inspiration around me, ideas and creative processes, and maybe even a picture or two of one of my pets in the studio!   This is now where I will be maintaining my BLOG as well! So if you love our videos, follow us! For a monthly pledge of only $2 or more, you will receive even more content!

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“When in Florida…”

“When in Florida…” is inspired by a real life Gator Girl who rescues Gators and works with wildlife. I love animals in general with my three puppies and two cats, so of course, I love her story! When I began research on Florida stories, I found there are many stories of people in Florida with odd pets, and while I don’t think Gators should be “pets” I love to see people befriending predators and breaking stigma a bit, hopefully with safety and training 😊 So, seeing a strong woman following her passion and working with animals got me really excited! See my painting progress on Youtube! Part I:     &   Part II: