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Elements of Harmony

The Elements of Harmony are found in Nature, and that is what I aim to capture in this painting.

Keeping busy and remaining calm in this weird and tragic time is not always easy. But I find that the only time I ever feel truly free from fear and sadness, is when I create. Even when I am creating monstrous things, expressing myself freely, and letting my emotions run their course is a part of that. But this piece is a reminder that the powerful elements of nature also hold a peace, and work together in harmony if only we take a moment to appreciate it. Remaining inspired and connected with people and artists are the world who have a similar goal or have already walked the path is essential. I have been attending Virtual Posca Paint Parties with the very talented artist, Drew Brophy. Finding your circle is really important to remaining connected. And it is important to find positivity and hope. I hope that my art brings you these messages of hope and happiness. Stay strong!