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The Sun

My art process has been evolving over the past year, and I have really enjoyed using Uni Posca Paint Pens and Acrylic paint as my mediums of choice. I have really honed in on my subject matter and blending techniques. I have formed the habit of taking photos of my art in different stages, and as beautiful as the end results are, sometimes I feel there is a different beauty in the evolution of one piece.

Last Spring I created a different version during quarantine. I used Posca Paint Pens on a wood panel. I felt depressed from the chaos in the world, at work and in dealing with family issues. I felt weighed down.

And there are some times when I get this feeling again. I have been burning brightly. I smile, I laugh, I put forth creativity. We have to be careful not to burn out the light of the sun. I find myself creating more, slowing down and taking time for myself when I feel this way. Lately, I have had to recharge more and more. While it is important and fulfilling to uplift others, we cannot forget to uplift ourselves.

I will post the final piece soon. Until then, take care.