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When the Sun Sets by Christine Samad

When the sun sets, is work truly done?

The glistening ones sweat and hum

From day to dusk.

“One day there will be no more of us.”

Nature should remain untouched.

Enjoy the hush of leaves rustling in the wind.

Let the light of dawn show you where to begin.

There comes a time to unfurl the vine,

Follow to the depths, says the sage of an anxious mind,

Struggling to put danger unseen behind,

To release what binds.

The truth of what you will find

Will be bittersweet,

A tinge of grief and relief,

To be loved and abused,

Simultaneously, to be stung and subdued.

Boundaries are only contested by the accused.

The guilty cower as the sun illuminates the ruse.

Be brave as your spark lights the fuse.

©Christine Samad 2021

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