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The Pigcowtopus Project Presents


My thoughts behind the series…

Generally, the thought and belief in aliens gives a vast array of reactions, from hope and discovery to pure terror, but I think as humans we are fascinated with the idea of other beings, as if the existence of other beings in the universe will determine our worth or take pressure off of our responsibilities. 

This may seem silly, but when I was younger, I never knew what happened with my parents, and the stories I was told were just plain terrible.  Being a kid living with a toxic foster family was hard.  My imagination saved my life.  One of the things I imagined while sitting alone with my early thoughts, was that I am an alien.  I knew it wasn’t true.  But one night, it really helped me have hope when I could not make sense of my surroundings. I made up a very loose alien story and dreamed of a better day.

I don’t want to be around to meet the aliens anymore because I watch a lot of terrible things that happen in space.  Star Trek is my comfort show, The Next Generation is (obviously) my go to, but there is something to be said for each phase of the journey through the Universe. There are a million of ways to die in space, and any time I watch a space movie, I will always assign a moment of disaster a number.  For example, reason number 527 not to go to space, is that the heel of your foot can just break off in space, so.  There is that.  Thanks, Away (Netflix Series). 

Still, I imagine that the aliens that I draw have only ever viewed human media, and have a lot of preconceived notions about what brings humans joy.  They try on human clothes and relish in human experiences, just to catch a glimmer of the eternal hope and beauty of being human. 

I also began to explore the extension of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what it would like in my art, as seen in “Flying Saucers.”  I even queued up a few movies while painting.  One of the things I notice about AI is that technology and algorithms are only as smart and as compassionate as the people who program them.  That being said, Algorithms can learn and change, but we are just at the beginning of that technology.  I think. 

Oh, the musings of a space explorer who will never leave earth!  I suppose we may never know the truth of what is out there, but I suppose, it is fascinating to imagine the possibilities.

“Enter the Simulation”

A poem by Christine Samad, The Creator of the Pigcowtopus Project

I entered the simulation,

I came to peace with death. 

Death was the thing that the ones I feared, feared the most,

So, when met

With the challenge of living,

I stopped.

Living is what I was taught leads to death…

Show it fear, fear means respect,

But what is living but numbers, conversations,

Equations, calculations

and energy

Given and returned?

And when I realized how ends lead to new beginnings

The nature of change and the sequence of chaos, I became more sure.

I could breathe a little bit easier and release the pressure and failure in perfection.

I am not looking forward to dying, but I understand that things come to an end, and in reflection,

 I can honor my life, and honor my death with choices and connections,

Illuminating the darkness with compassion.

Simulation Ended.