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The Pigcowtopus Project Presents #BrokenHeartsClub

My thoughts behind the series…

To say that the greatest blessing in my life has been the love of my husband and our furry family. They have supported me through very difficult times and as I heal and grow, I wanted to start taking more control of the narrative and message behind my artwork. 

My grandmother was a renowned artist. She created whimsical scenes with symbols and simplistic yet impactful images. Her name was Carol Jablonsky. She passed away when I was too young to have many memories. I remember her long gray hair and warmth. My sister, who is a few years older told me a few of her memories about her creating art when we visited and how loving our grandmother was. I have always felt she checks on us now and again. 

 Growing up I was told she was an artist, but I never knew what she painted. It had been my life dream to find out. A few years ago I did my own research into my own records as well as hers. My search and a small clue found along the way led me to Pinterest of all places where I found her work and the profile of my aunt. Because of this I was able to reach out to her and connect she shares stories and photos and it has been amazing. My husband bought me her artwork and my aunt sent me a handwritten card that my grandmother had made for one of her patrons. The paper she used was so soft and I reveled in the fact that she had an affinity for mythology, legends and stories. My favorite pieces of hers is called, “Quintas,” which depicts the minotaur holding a string connected to a floating bird. After all of this I thought, how can I tell my own story with my own symbols?

When I picked up painting and writing as a hobby in 2018, my husband and I bought a circular piece of wood that we brought home. I painted a sketch of him and I as the sun and moon. I wanted to explore their love, and I love that I am bringing back the symbolism and imagery. I have a whole new set of sketches waiting to be painted so I can tell their story, but that will take some time. 

In the meantime, I created six hearts. Inky, Grumpy and Monster are the cutest because even the grumpiest of hearts needs love. Hopefully, this will be a annual recurring series because they were so fun to create.

For the Love of the Sun and the Moon

By Christine Samad

For the love of the sun and the moon, the stars shine.

Say you will be mine until the end of time

Because I am already yours,

And I will meet you as you are.

Reflect my warmth and find solace in the darkness

Because light is drawing near, though it may seem far.

As time disappears

Cherish my love and hold me dear

For the love of the sun and the moon erases my fears,

For the constants of the universe

And the contents of the universe are ever changing, but it is clear,


Never are they destroyed,

For what is the love of the sun and the moon if not pain and love and joy?

Of moments missed and moments made sweet with the warmth adorned by a kiss.

 Moments that run deep and tall and too short moments of bliss?

The love of the sun and the moon exists

In these moments between.

Seen by all but by all unseen.

Their love is but a dream between a dream,

But it is their dream,

And it fuels and it beams

For the love of the sun and the moon. 

If a star twinkles in a galaxy far, far away… does is shine?