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Revisiting Paintings

What is time but a social construct?

We assign values and labor to time but we cannot measure the time it takes to truly experience growth.

Last year if you asked me how long a painting takes me I would have said four hours with pride

of my efficiency and passersby

would assign a value to those hours, monetary minutes and seconds.

But time isn’t real. And creativity is timeless and endless.

I can pick up paint and prove that there is never quite a finished product,

but a moment in the elapse of the journey where I rest until I pick up paint again

because I am growing and revisiting old wounds, old ideas and allowing them to grow with no time frame.

See, I probably never really paid attention to the clicking clocks until I got praise for getting things done quickly.

The little one inside of me yearned to explore, but society demands time.

I disconnect from the construct and the sun still rises. The rain still falls. Time is still measured

but I value my time differently, and I do not create with a need to make the world make sense to me

anymore because societal norms have been constructed and given a value based on time which has also been implemented as a way to assign values and a way to control the chaos.

There is chaos in creation and beauty in that chaos.

Only now am I taking the time to embrace the explosions that happen in my brain

that for the world may last an hour or four or more.

I am taking the time to bask in creation and nature.

An old wise man once asked me what would happen if you took your time?

Imagine how good you would be if you took your time and my youth smiled,

but the ancient being inside of me held onto that treasure.

Discover what happens when you TAKE your time.

Take it back and I don’t mean rewind,

but stop assigning it to things that don’t serve you and giving it to people who do not understand the value of each stroke of your creation.

I always wonder how space travelers will be able to come to a consensus about time and journeys across galaxies.